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Glossary of Forex Trading Terms T - Z

- T -

Technical Correction - An adjustment to price not based on market sentiment but technical factors such as volume and charting.

Thin market - A market in which trading volume is low and in which consequently bid and ask quotes are wide and the liquidity of the instrument traded is low.

Thursday/Friday Dollars - A US foreign exchange technicality. If a foreign bank buys dollars on Tuesday for Thursday delivery. If the bank leaves the funds overnight and transfers them on Friday by means of a clearing house cheque then clearance is not until Monday, the next working day. Higher interest rates for this period are thus available.

Tick - A minimum change in price, up or down.

Today/Tomorrow - Simultaneous buying of a currency for delivery the following day and selling for the spot day, or vice versa. Also referred to as overnight.

Tomorrow next (Tom next) - Simultaneous buying of a currency for delivery the following day and selling for the spot day or vice versa.

Trade date - The date on which a trade occurs.

Tradeable amount - Smallest transaction size acceptable.

Transaction date - The date on which a trade occurs.

Transaction - The buying or selling of currencies resulting from the execution of an order.

Two Tier market - A dual exchange rate system where normally only one rate is open to market pressure, e.g. South Africa.

Two-Way quotation - When a dealer quotes both buying and selling rates for foreign exchange transactions.

- U -

Uncovered - Another term for an open position.

Under-valuation - An exchange rate is normally considered to be undervalued when it is below its purchasing power parity.

Up tick - A transaction executed at a price greater than the previous transaction.

- V -

Value Date - For a spot transaction it is two business banking days forward in the country of the bank providing quotations which determine the spot value date. The only exception to this general rule is the spot day in the quoting centre coinciding with a banking holiday in the country(ies) of the foreign currency(ies). The value date then moves forward a day.

Value Spot - Normally settlement for two working days from today. See value date.

Volatility - A measure of the amount by which an asset price is expected to fluctuate over a given period.

Vostro Account - A local currency account maintained with a bank by another bank. The term is normally applied to the counterparty's account from which funds may be paid into or withdrawn, as a result of a transaction.

- W -

Wash trade - A matched deal which produces neither a gain nor a loss.

Whipsaw - Term for where a trader takes a position, then has to move against it triggering stop loss limits and liquidation of positions, then having to move in the original direction. Normally occurs in volatile markets.

Working day - A day on which the banks in a currency's principal financial centre are open for business. For FX transactions, a working day only occurs if the bank in both financial centre's are open for business (all relevant currency centers in the case of a cross are open).

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